• Dam Removal

    New Podcast: Klamath dam removal updates

    TU’s Brian Johnson and filmmaker Shane Anderson join The River Rambler podcast to share observations from the biggest river reconnection project in history Brian Johnson, TU’s senior policy advisor for western water and climate returned to The River Rambler podcast for a fascinating conversation about the unfolding Klamath dam removals with host Richard Harrington and…

  • Science

    Learning from Trout DNA

    You’re sure to learn quite a bit from Helen and Tom’s discussion, so dive right in and enjoy.

    Helen Neville, TU’s senior scientist, recently sat down with Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis for one of his podcast episodes to converse about the role of genetics in trout science and what has been learned in the past decade. Some of Helen’s research along with other TU scientists have created tools that can tell us how…

  • Dam Removal Conservation

    Listen now: Lessons from the Klamath Dams

    TU’s Brian Johnson joins The River Rambler podcast for a conversation about dam removal, coalition building and what comes next on the Klamath Basin On the new episode of The River Rambler podcast, TU’s California Director Brian Johnson joins artist, angler and conservationist Richard Harrington for a wide-ranging conversation about the historic effort to reconnect…