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Quick tip: Wrap your glass in duct tape

Most folks know that taking glass containers on rubber rafts is almost always is a no-no. The idea is simple and and, in my mind, pretty much common sense. You break a glass container on the boat there’s a real chance you might pop your boat. Plus it’s incredibly hard to clean up in a dry box or dry bag. Same goes for sharp tipped knifes, and cleats/spikes in your wading boots.

Last week I was lucky enough to do my first float down the main stem of the Salmon River in Idaho and was reminded of this little hack I had totally forgotten about. You wanna bring your fancy peppers for topping sandwiches? No problem… A bottle of 12-year old single malt? Cool. Some Milk for your coffee? Easy peasy. Just wrap it up in duct tape. Those big water boaters have all sorts of cheats, and this is a good one.

Problem solved. Not only does it eliminate the chance of the glass doing damage should it break, it also pads said glass from actually breaking. Just make sure to label said glass wrapped in duct tape so you remember what it is.

How’s that old adage go? If you can’t duct it…