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Slideshow: An homage to fall

Admit it, fall boating is better. I mean, yeah… the rivers are low but that’s about the only negative I can think of. The fishing can be obscenely good, the raft hatch is starting to thin out, and you get to sleep in just a bit longer than usual. There’s steelhead and salmon to catch. The browns are feisty, colored up, and love chasing long strips of feathers. The scenery is typically gorgeous and while the weather can be iffy, putting on a hoody for the first time of the year always feels good. Coffee is just a touch more delicious, and there can be sections of river where you might not see anyone for days. I love floating and and chucking bugs this time of year and feel so privileged to live where I have a plethora of public lands that makes it easy to do so. Here’s my visual ode to Fall below. Enjoy.