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  • Government Affairs

    Senate reviews TU-supported public lands bills

    Public lands are vital for trout fishing in America. Any decent map proves this. A hearing in the U.S. Senate on Oct. 19 provided a major opportunity to highlight the importance of public lands for coldwater conservation and to advance legislation that will better protect and restore some of the most famous trout, salmon and…

  • Boats

    Slideshow: An homage to fall

    Admit it, fall boating is better. I mean, yeah... the rivers are low but that's about the only negative I can think of. The fishing can be obscenely good, the raft hatch is starting to thin out, and you get to sleep in just a bit longer than usual. There's steelhead and salmon to catch.…

  • Government Affairs

    Four public lands bills make it out of the House

    Now, let's get them passed in the Senate

    Now, let's get them passed in the Senate Here at Trout Unlimited, we couldn’t do our work nor enjoy opportunities to fish for the trout and salmon we love without public lands.   Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass a slate of public land provisions to protect important trout and salmon habitats across…

  • Featured

    Roundtable: Our favorite public lands

    The Caribou National Forest, Idaho. Chris Hunt photo. Editor’s note: In celebration of Public Lands Month, several TU anglers are showcasing their favorite public lands fishing and hunting destinations. America’s public lands are our national treasure — places that have storied histories for all people, from Indigenous Americans to modern-day hunters and anglers. Keeping them…

  • When lottery season ends

    Three words have stuck in the back of my mind since I’ve started playing the permit game for river rafting. Post-permit season and for that matter pre-permit season, too. Here’s what I mean. Each year some of the biggest and most coveted river trips throughout the western United States are permitted via a traditional lottery…

  • Government Affairs

    House takes steps to modernize oil and gas leasing

    America's public lands are meant for multiple uses: fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, general outdoor recreation, and of course, industry—where it makes sense. But for too long, oil and gas leasing and drilling on public lands throughout the nation have enjoyed priority status. It is past time to grant all uses equal footing — and there…