Using the human anchor to catch more fish

Anchors seem to be a common talking point when angling boaters get together. How big? How small? What type? How heavy? The debates can go on forever.

There’s one type, though, that some of you may have not tried though. The human anchor. Seriously.

Many years ago I had the privilege of being invited to Bristol Bay Lodge by acclaimed painter and guide Bob White as a “visiting artist” to explore the area and teach the guests photography. While out one day with Bob, he showed me the finer points of the human anchor. I was blown away as I’d never seen it before. Since then I’ve used it many times here at home.

It works extraordinarily well if the conditions are safe.

The basics consist of the rower getting out of said vessel, grabbing a solid piece of the boat, pointing the bow downstream, and simply walking the boat with angler slowly with the current. It’s far more accurate speed wise then back rowing and basically will let you sit in a spot for as long is needed while targeting every fish that might be rising instead of just one or two. It’s also much quieter than rowing.

Try it next time you’re out. Just remember that you really need to check the depth and swiftness of the water as to not get swept under the boat before exiting.