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Casting Tip: Clean, Stretch and Practice.

Hooded person casts away from camera down a stream
Practice makes perfect, right

Fair casts are made with decent fly rods. Good casts happen with good fly lines.

Great casts come from both… and practice. 

A good, slick, straight fly line will do more for a mediocre fly rod than a fancy, expensive fly rod will ever do for a tattered, mediocre fly line.   

Clean the line with a soft cloth and warm water. Straighten the line by stretching it out. If you don’t fix the coils as they come off the reel, casting is like trying to push a corkscrew through a drinking straw. 

And replace the line if you cannot reasonably accomplish either cleaning or straightening it. You don’t need a super-expensive line, but even the pricey ones cost less than a new rod.   

Woman casts across stream as sun sets, making good practice
Cast with confidence with a clean line and practice

And once your line is right, practice. Most people wouldn’t head to the golf course without hitting the range first. Why would you make your first cast a “fishing” cast? You are the real difference maker and you can do great things with a little practice!