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Choosing deer hair for comparadun flies

Tying comparadun mayfly imitations is my least-favorite endeavor at the vise. Generally, I leave this method to the pros, like Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions.

But Tim is convincing me to give it another shot. For me, working with deer hair is a real pain—maybe it’s big fingers or the simple lack of fine dexterity … I honestly don’t know why it’s so difficult for me. And now, of course, it’s in my head, so I have that working against me, too.

Tim, though, in the short video above, has given me hope. It all starts with choosing the right deer hair for the job (and this is clearly my first issue). To tie a really tight comparadun mayfly imitation, you need fine, short deer hair that is actually labeled for use in comparadun patterns.

I’m headed to the fly shop this week to search out the right materials, and I’m going to risk my sanity—again—by trying to tie up a few at the vise.

Wish me luck.

By Chris Hunt.