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Pine Squirrel Trout Spey Streamer

My streamer fishing has been on hold this summer—I’ve been on a dry-fly kick, what with hopper season in full swing here in the West.

But, when it comes time in just a few weeks, I’m going to tie a few Pine Squirrel Trout Spey streamers, thanks to the video below from Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions.

I’ve become something of a “stinger hook” fan, and this fly just looks like a brown-trout killer. As browns begin their fall migration in preparation for the annual spawn, this weighted fly is just big and buggy enough to ensure it will spur violent strikes from fish that already in a surly mood.

I love the method Tim uses for attaching the trailing hook, too. It’s much easier than other methods, and, if you tie it correctly, it’s virtually unbreakable.

If you’re a streamer fan, and you live in brown-trout country, this is a pattern you ought to consider.

By Chris Hunt.