Terrestrial season is upon us. Ants and beetles are likely already crossing the downed logs over your favorite trout stream, and I’m betting grasshoppers won’t be far behind.

And trout love terrestrial bugs—they’re big mouthfuls of protein. Perhaps the simplest terrestrial bug to tie is the good old black ant.

Above, Matt Callies of Loon Outdoors, ties perhaps the easiest dry-fly pattern known to anglers everywhere. Using only thread, dubbing and a single hackle feather, this pattern takes mere minutes from start to finish, and it’s an ideal imitation of perhaps the most common terrestrial insect a trout can get its mouth around.

And, as Matt points out, this pattern lends itself to other colors—brown, red or even olive will work. Or mix it up. Red and black is a good combo.

Here’s to the best time of year for dry-fly anglers. Tie a bunch and get on the water.

By Chris Hunt.