Four essential ways to get your kids geared up for fishing

By Nelli Williams

During the week our kids can usually be found running feral in the open spaces near our home. On the weekends their play area opens up to the vast and glorious Alaskan backcountry. In many ways our weekend routine is like our pre-kid days, but add 10 times the snacks, s’mores and plenty of random stuffed animals. It is amazing how the addition of two small kids complicates the packing process.  

Over the past 10 years raising little ones on the water, I’ve learned a lot about how to make our outdoor adventures more safe, comfortable, easy and fun. So, when my friend Melissa Norris at Fish Alaska magazine asked if I wanted to team up to share some tips, tricks and gear recommendations for getting kids outside in Alaska I happily said, “Yes!” 

Introducing your children to the outdoors is valuable and rewarding, but venturing off into the wild with creatures that leave constant snack trails for the bears to follow and have little sense of self-preservation can be intimidating for even the most resilient parents. 

When the difference between a relaxing fun-filled fishing trip and a multiple meltdown mess can be hard to predict, I think most parents will join me in saying “I’ll take all the help I can get!”  

In the video below, Melissa and I share a few tips, tricks and gear that have helped our families get out and enjoy the great outdoors in our home state. We know there are a lot more creative ideas out there so please add your tips and tricks in the comments below. Together we can get more families and kids outside!