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Let your fly reel rock

Classic rock and fly fishing don’t often seem to go together. Just hit any of the film festivals that are currently touring the country. The music embedded behind the cinematography rarely features Iron Maiden, Molly Hatchet, Van Halen … or AC/DC.

It’s usually peaceful and rolling. It’s meant to inspire and supplement the beauty of the craft as it’s depicted on the big screen.

Maybe its the syrupy nature of today’s pop. And, of course, bluegrass is back “in,” so it’s no surprise that every formulaic new fly-fishing film, replete with gratuitous product placement, prerequisite slow-mo and beards (lots and lots of beards) features music that, in turn, features a banjo.

Give me a few Dirty Deeds any day. Even when I’m fly fishing.

Flyway to Hell?

And, thanks to Abel, I can get my taste of something a bit more … gritty. The company is launching its limited-edition AC/DC fly reel, featuring a hand-painted band logo and hand-anodized finish.

Back in Black, baby.

And while the Scottish-born rock band sold 200 million albums, Abel is only making 300 of these custom reels. The AC/DC band logo will be featured on the company’s Super Series reel in either size 5/6 or 6/7. Each reel will be individually serialized, and the retail price will set you back more than some good vinyl: $1355

Try not to wear black while fishing it.