We all have a passion in life, even if, like my kids, we haven’t really figured out what it is yet.

For fly fishers—real, die-hard, rather-fish-than-eat anglers—our passion is simple. A rod, a line, a fly and some water are all it takes to ignite the lamp in our souls and put our passion to work.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello loves to fly fish … maybe as much as he loves striking out Yankees.

For Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Rick Porcello, there might be a conflict between the drive and passion he puts on display every fifth day during the baseball season when he takes the mound, and the desire to recharge and recenter while fly fishing the flats.

It’s wonderful to be really good at your job. But if you don’t get to do what you love, at least some times, are you living your best life? Watch the short film above. The answer is in there.