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Tip – Urban Fly Fishing

Fly fishing doesn’t have to be complicated nor expensive. You also don’t have to travel across the globe. Bass, bluegill, carp and many other species live in urban areas that are accessible to nearly anyone year-round.

Many find respite in fly fishing, but access can be tough for those living in urban centers to traditional fly fishing streams. But more and more anglers are finding ways to weave fly fishing into their daily lives (or at least weekly or monthly) by heading to their local pond, lake or even diversion ditch.

There are even options for TU to get involved. Check out Denver TU’s Carp Slam for ideas on how to have fun fishing for carp through urban Denver while raising money for restoration and habitat rehabilitation.  

If fly fishing is an important part of your life, check out urban waterways to see what swims beneath the surface. And get some tips from Tom Rosenbauer on where to go and how to fish these oases in the city.