When you can count 55 anglers on the Eagle River (Colorado) as you drive a stretch of I-70 less than 10 miles long… on a weekday… in mid-March… and you consider what the situation might look like midsummer… it’s probably a good idea to be thinking about a “plan B.”

In my case, plan B has traditionally stood for backcountry, but this year I’m also adding “plan P.” And “P” stands for pike.   

I dusted off the old baitcaster, and rigged up some crankbaits, swimbaits, poppers and such, and am waiting patiently for ice-out.  Where I live, pike love to eat trout, pretty much to a fault. I think a little payback is surely in order. 

I have to say, however, it feels a little odd fishing with fake trout baits. It just seems a bit sinister. I’m sure I’ll get through it.