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Tying the Jimmy John Perdigon

The Perdigon-style nymph has become a fly-fishing staple over the last several years. Popularized by European competition fly fishers, the nymph is a fast-sinker and a proven fish-getter. As a trailer fly either fished with the high-stick Euro-method or under an indicator, the Perdigon helps drag a bigger fly down a bit and keep it in the feeding zone longer.

Tying the Jimmy John Perdigon.

Above, TU’s Nick Halle ties his “freaky fast” Jimmy John Perdigon — an homage to the fast-food sandwich chain. He’s right … it’s a quick tie at the vise, and, by using the slotted tungsten bead, Halle ensures that the fly will get down and get down fast.

If you’re a nympher and you need something to help keep your rig in the strike zone longer, this is the fly for you.