Fishing Trout Tips Video spotlight

Twist the fly when tightening

As anglers, we naturally spend more time thinking about the big stuff—where the fish might be and what flies they might be after—than we do about what makes the big stuff so rewarding.

You know … like ensuring our equipment is in good shape, our knots are solid and our hooks are sharp.

Above, Wayne Peterson of RIO Products offers a really great tip that will help strengthen the connection between your tippet and the fly you’ve chosen. When tying the improved clinch knot, often, the loop between the unseated knot and the hook eye can twist and fold the tippet over itself. As Wayne demonstrates above, simply twist the fly the other direction as you’re seating, or tightening the knot.

That’ll get rid of the twist and also get rid of that little wavy section of tippet just before the hook eye that may not appear to be damaged, but, thanks to the twist, is significantly compromised.