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A new approach to fly fishing with NRS

In 2022, NRS released the Slipstream Raft Series, their first raft purpose-built for adventure anglers. Two years and many river miles later, they’re expanding their line of adventure-angling watercraft with the Approach Series, an easy transport package with an emphasis on stealth and access that redefines the limits of where a boat can take you.

“As anglers go to ever greater lengths to escape the crowds and enjoy a quality fishing experience, we need boats that can live up to the challenge,” says NRS fishing category product manager, Mike Dolmage. “With the Slipstream and new Approach series, we have complete packages for every fishing adventure, whether you’re embarking on a multiday wilderness journey or hopping over the guardrail to float your local stream.”

Constructed with the same durable welded PVC as the Slipstream, the Approach can handle the abrasion of shallow streams and overgrown banks. A combination of 16-inch tubes and a thick drop stitch insert floor enhances buoyancy, letting the Approach draft in really skinny water, opening access to headwaters and tighter, more remote waters other boats can’t reach.

These easy-transport, lightweight fishing crafts are designed to fit between the wheel wells of a full-size truck or ride on the roof of a Jeep or SUV—no trailer or boat launch required. The innovative slot-rail frame system lets anglers make on-the-fly adjustments to seat, oar and accessory placement and enhances versatility for features like rod holder tubes and motor mounts.

NRS’s vision has always been to enhance an angler’s on-water experience, which is evident in the attention to detail NRS designers and engineers put into the Approach features. An internal anchor system with quick-release rope clamp features a 2:1 assist making it easily controlled from the rower’s seat while eliminating tripping hazards and entrapment risks. The dry box seat platform(s) provide convenient external trays and internal waterproof storage compartments keeping gear dry, organized and off the raft floor.

Available in two sizes. The Approach 100 is perfect for the solo adventure angler. With room for overnight gear, anglers can catch the Golden Hour on both sides of the day, or tagalong on a multiday and stalk all the tribs along the way. Anglers looking for a little more room or those who enjoy the company of others, the Approach 120 comfortably fits a rower and an angler in the bow with additional gear capacity.

In an effort to welcome more anglers into the community, the Approach series is a great option for anglers looking to buy their first raft. Add on the Rower’s Package to include all the accessories needed to get on the water. For full details and package components, learn more at