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    The True Cast – 3 things

    The three things that intimidate would-be fly fishers (and why they’re no big deals) Companies that sell fly-fishing gear obviously do a lot of research to help them understand their customers, and when it comes to turning the curious into dedicated aficionados, they’ve learned that there are three main barriers that stand in the way:…

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    Cast better. 

    Seen from water level, man stands in river and casts

    Know the number one factor that turns a zinger fly cast into a clunker.  Don't feel bad. All of us have at least one flaw in our casting strokes. But there’s one flaw that can turn an otherwise great cast into a dud. The bad news is that most people who make this mistake don’t…

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    Why fly fishing is like pizza

    Pizza is pizza, right?  A little crust, a little sauce, some cheese… bada-bing! There you go. Not hardly! Perish that thought. Great pizza is an artform. It should be a perfect balance involving great crust, delicious sauce, golden cheese and fantastic toppings. If any of those four elements are deficient in any way… meh pizza!  The operative word…