Simon Gawesworth

  • Fishing Trout Talk

    Tip – River tactics

    Learn from one of the best, Simon Gawesworth, and his Far Bank Fly Fishing School. In this video, Simon walks us through the basics of river fly fishing. He covers how to approach the water, finding fish and how they behave. He also talks about gear, casts, mending the line and fishing with different flies.…

  • Fishing Trout Talk

    Tip – What is Fly Fishing?

    We’re betting on some new anglers joining the squad this year, so let’s kick things off properly with Far Bank’s Simon Gawesworth. In this video Simon explains how fly fishing is different from conventional fishing, what’s up with fishing with flies, why you’d choose to fly fish even though it’s often not as effective, and…

  • Trout Tips

    The spey cast, part three

    How to avoid the collision loop

    We've learned about the "point" and how to avoid the "bloody L" as we learn to spey cast from RIO Products' Simon Gawesworth. Now, the casting artist has his sights set on angles, targets and how to avoid the dreaded "collision loop." https://vimeo.com/382097693 As Simon notes, any fly cast—not just a spey cast—has a distinct…