Ted Trueblood

  • Conservation

    From the magazine: Finding Trueblood

    In 1918, Cecil, barely 5 years old, went to his parents in their Idaho home and said he didn’t like his name and that he wanted to be called Ted like his Teddy Bear.  So started the iconic name of one of the most legendary outdoor writers this country has known. Ted Trueblood.  There is…

  • Fishing

    Meet the angler who is trying to complete the Western Native Trout Challenge this summer

    “I felt this was an important chapter of history to experience and record,” said Daniel Ritz. “When I personally started to learn more about the history and status of the West’s native species, I quickly realized how change in the West since the arrival of Europeans and the health of its trout species were intertwined. I also quickly realized I was not the only angler, let alone citizen, who wasn’t aware of the state of our native trout.”

    Casting for trout in a mountain lake.

    Daniel Ritz heads out in pursuit of native trout ... and more Editor's note: Check in weekly to see updates from Dan Ritz as he travels the west in search in native trout and char. After learning to fly fish on the breathtaking alpine lakes of central Idaho, Daniel Ritz was shocked to learn that…