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    Finesse Dubbing Part II

    As we noted last week, applying dubbing can be a little tricky. But, as Tim Flagler showed us, there are ways to make it simpler. Below, in his second installment video on the topic, Tim shows us how to take the dubbing noodle we've created and carefully move it closer to the hook shank for…

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    Finesse dubbing

    dubbing a fly pattern.

    Using dubbing to craft fly bodies and collars shouldn't be that difficult, regardless of the material you use in the process. But, for those new to the craft, dubbing can often give them fits at the vise. Below, Tim Flagler shows us how to craft the simple dubbing "noodle," or a length of dubbing that…

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    The Sulphur Klinkhammer

    The legendary sulphur mayfly hatches on East Coast rivers have likely started for some attentive anglers, and the evening duns will continue to emerge for some time, with the famed bugs coming off wistful cream-colored clouds. But as any angler who has fished the sulphur hatch knows, getting the size and silhouette exactly right is…

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    The Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph

    The venerable Pheasant Tail Nymph turns up in most fly boxes, as it should. It's a buggy pattern, and the iridescence of the peacock herl tied in as the bug's abdomen always seems to draw trout to this classic fly. Over the years, the patterns has evolved somewhat, thanks largely to the introduction of synthetic…

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    The Chuck Caddis

    Watch as Tim Flagler ties the simple, yet elegant, Chuck Caddis

    It's that time of year on a lot of western trout streams — the annual "Mother's Day" caddis hatches are upon us, and it's time to start throwing dry flies at hungry trout. Caddis patterns come in all shapes and sizes — some are a little more artsy and impressionistic, and others appear more practical…

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    Shiney Hiney Caddis Pupa

    Tying the Shiney Hiney Caddis Pupa

    The caddisfly life cycle is an important one for trout anglers. Caddis, in every stage of their lives, make up a significant portion of the average trout's diet. But, in recent years, I've take to fishing less with patterns that imitate the adult bugs — Orvis' Tom Rosenbauer pointed out to me that bigger trout…