Teen Summit and TU Camp applications opening soon!

Dreaming of warmer weather? Good! It’s time to start thinking about TU’s offerings of summer camps and academies for young people.

TU’s Regional Fly Fishing Camps and Academies

For over 25 years, volunteers have been directing TU’s youth regional camps. The first was in Pennsylvania and now TU’s grassroots network boasts 25 camps across the country. The experience is life-changing for youth, evident in the testimonials from our annual Camp Essay Contest.

See a complete camp listing at www.tu.org/camps and for contact information to apply. Most camps accept applicants from out-of-state. Get in touch with the directors to find out more.

The camps include a Fly Fishing 101 curriculum as well as hands-on experience with conservation, with many camps taking part in a habitat restoration project. All experience levels are welcome and the goal is to have fun, learn a lot, and make friends. The camps are also the first step in becoming a teen leader in TU. Camp graduates are encouraged to apply to the TU Teen Summit.

National Leadership Conference: The TU Teen Summit

Since 2012, the Headwaters Youth Program has hosted an annual leadership conference for teens called the TU Teen Summit. The Summit recruits teen leaders that have proven commitment to TU’s mission and have demonstrated leadership at a high level. The team they form is the Youth Leadership Council or YLC. The YLC stay involved with each other, their local community, and with TU staff throughout the year working on projects and outreach with the goal to raise TU’s profile among their peers. The Summit is the capstone of our K-12 programs and is the final link in the Stream of Engagement to the TU Costa 5 Rivers Program.

Applications for TU’s national Teen Summit Leadership Conference will be available on February 1, 2019. More information and downloadable application can be found at http://www.tu.org/teensummit. Not all teens who apply are accepted to the summit.

Approximately 25 applicants will be invited to the event based on a grading rubric that includes five criteria: 1) interview 2) leadership potential 3) commitment to conservation/involvement with TU 4) love of the sport and 5) references.

This year’s location is Georgetown Lake near Phillipsburg, Montana. Teens will participate in a host of local conservation activities, meet with local anglers and scientists, and get lots of time to hang out, tie flies, and go fishing! Contact Tara Granke or Franklin Tate for more inormation or to recommend a teen.

By Tara Granke.