TU Sweepstakes winners announced

Congratulations to D. Ostrosky of California, the winner of the Grand Prize—a fly-fishing trip to Montana—in this year’s TU Sweepstakes. J. Mott of Iowa is the Sweepstakes’ first-place winner. Mott will receive a new Sage Ignitor fly rod (a 9-foot, 7-weight), coupled with a new Sage Spectrum MAX reel.

Second-place winners P. Caldwell of Hawaii and M. Fastse of Iowa will each receive a new Sage 9-foot, 5-weight MOD fly rod and a Spectrum reel.

In all, there were dozens of winners. See below for the complete list. Full names are being withheld to protect winners’ privacy.

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2019 TU Sweepstakes.

By Chris Hunt.