Video: A solid knot for attaching an anchor to a raft or drift boat

I’m not (pun intended) sure I even know what exactly this specific knot in the video below is actually called. It seems to be a variation on the anchor bend. What I can tell you is that it works for connecting an anchor line to an anchor. Very well. Of course this is only if we’re not talking about the human variety of anchors.

My friend and boat builder Trevor Hanson over at Boulder Boat Works showed me this knot last year (video below) and I’ve since put it through the paces on two different boats.

I had the exact same knot on my drift boat for the last six years and never had an issue. And, many times, I’ve put an absurd amount of strain on it. This go round, I needed to replace my anchor rope and test out one of those fancy new Tornado anchors (more on that later). Regardless, if you need to attach an anchor to your boat this knot works extremely well.