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    The True Cast – 3 things

    The three things that intimidate would-be fly fishers (and why they’re no big deals) Companies that sell fly-fishing gear obviously do a lot of research to help them understand their customers, and when it comes to turning the curious into dedicated aficionados, they’ve learned that there are three main barriers that stand in the way:…

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    The True Cast: Wanna fly fish? DON’T tie yourself up in knots.

    Before getting into specifics, it’s worth pointing out one fundamental truth: a well-tied knot is far more effective than any fancy knot recipe.

    A number of years back, Scientific Anglers completed a study of “people who expressed interest in fly fishing but didn’t quite engage,” asking them what the main obstacles were that prevented them from getting over the proverbial hump. It boiled down to two things. First was casting – some thought making fancy loops was a…

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    Learn to tie the king of boat knots

    Problem was I hadn't used this specific anchor line in quite some time and never with this anchor. When I went to clip the carabiner to said anchor it was far to long and would have dragged in the water at points being both unsafe and really annoying. We needed to loose about 4 to 5 inches inches of length on the set up.

    Last weekend we floated the Arkansas River in between Buena Vista and Salida, Colo. We camped and floated two separate days. The camping was fantastic, company spectacular, weather was great, and the fishing pretty darn good. I brought a brand spanking new Tornado Anchor to test specifically on these floats (more on that later). Problem…