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Video spotlight: A Fresh Start

Most of us trout anglers here in the States are settling into the shorter, cooler days of autumn, switching over from high-floating summer terrestrials to small-ish mayflies and caddis as fish start to feed on what’s available, not just what looks good. We’re slowing down. We’re more deliberate. In a few weeks, our favorite fall haunts will be frozen in winter’s grip.

Traveltruly Presents: A Fresh Start – NZ Fly Fishing from Traveltruly on Vimeo.

But in New Zealand, as you’ll see from the short film above, it’s spring, and another stellar season chasing plus-sized trout lies ahead of anyone lucky enough to grab a beat on one of the many rivers surging with wild fish. Envious? Hell yes. To know that our next season will require fleece and gortex and lots and lots of hot coffee, while the Kiwis have wading sandals and ice-cold beer to look forward to … well, that just makes the case for my dream existence. My own “perfect summer” that lasts all year long.

“What do you do for a living?”

“I follow the trout, young man.”

A guy can dream.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.