Video spotlight

Video spotlight: A Shark

We’ve all got our “ultimate” fish, that one river or sea creature that has eluded us over time. A few years back, I finally got my bonefish. Then I got my permit. Just this summer, I landed a 6-pound native brook trout, and I remember thinking, “If He wants to take me, now’s as good a time as any.”

What’s next? One of these days, I’ll catch a 50-inch pike

But for Vebjoern Kielland, a 19-year-old Norwegian fly-fishing guide living on the beach in Belize, his ” El Dorado” was a shark on the fly.

As I watched this short film, it was hard not to like the kid, even though he’s crammed more fishing into his short life than ought to be legal. He speaks passionately about the craft, reverently about the fish … if anyone deserves his “catch of a lifetime,” it’s this guy.


— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.