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Video spotlight: A Tale of Three Trout

I love fishing trips with a purpose. Here in the West, particularly in our backcountry streams, fly fishers can target specific species of trout and char just by choosing a destination. Wild rainbows? Try a great little creek that flows west off the Gallatin Range near the town of Ennis, Mont. Browns? Hit the Bear River north of Preston, Idaho. Cutthroats? Any backcountry trib that somehow missed the brook-trout stocking effort of late 1800s. Brookies? Any stream that didn’t.

A Tale Of Three Trout – Snowy Mountains, Australia from Aussie Fly Fisher on Vimeo.

But in the Snowy Mountains of southern New South Wales, Aussies have their own little “trout-slam,” and the film above beautifully chronicles the efforts of a pair of anglers to catch wild browns, rainbows and brookies in some gorgeous high-country streams that are naturally home to none of these fish, but have nurtured each of the species and created a fishy paradise that is little known outside the Land Down Under.

It’s fishing with a purpose, in a place that is clearly special to those who live there.

Good on ya, mate.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.