Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Above Iliamna

Alaska’s Bristol Bay is home to the most important run of sockeye salmon on earth—about half of all commercially harvested sockeye come from this run, and they provide about 14,000 American jobs every single year. This fishery, as we’ve noted for well over a decade, is priceless. Yet the threat of Pebble Mine looms like a thin haze over this amazing place.

The video above illustrates the obvious. Putting a mine in the headwaters of this drainage would very likely be detrimental to the massive runs of red salmon making their way through the iconic Lake Iliamna to spawn and feed a landscape that, without them, would likely be biologically barren. Salmon are vital to southwest Alaska’s economy and culture. But it goes beyond that. Stand up for Bristol Bay, Lake Iliamna and the salmon that bring life to the lands and waters of this amazing place every single year.

Pebble Mine is the wrong mine in the wrong place.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.