Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Anatomy of a hook

When I first started fly fishing, the complex lexicon unique to the sport was intimidating. Think back to that first time you walked into a fly shop and asked what today might seem like a really simple question. It was … uncomfortable.

Now, imagine you’ve just started fly fishing a couple years ago, and now you’re curious about tying your own flies. It’s like starting all over again, with the lingo, the weird tools and, of course, the different kinds of hooks.

In the video above, Tim Flager tackles the most basic questions about the hook itself. It may seem obvious to those of us who’ve tied for a while, but for new tiers, this short video will ease the learning curve a bit. It’ll help them understand the anatomy of the basic hook, and help them understand what seasoned tiers are talking about when they start talking about tie-in points, measurements and the like.

Check it out. I’m sharing this with some friends of mine who are new to tying. It’ll help your friends if you do, too.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.