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Video spotlight: Big Pike on a Fly

The Canada-heavy series The New Fly Fisher (the show will occasionally come south of the border to highlight American fisheries, too) is one of my favorite fly-fishing shows to enjoy, largely because of episodes like the one below. I first ventured north to chase pike on the fly a little over a decade ago, and I’ve been back several times since, simply because pike are one of the best fish on the planet for fly anglers.

And, I’ll confess, there’s something about that idyllic northwoods lodge life that I just can’t get enough of—up early to a filling breakfast, into the boat while the sun’s still low in the sky, and a day spent with knowledgeable guides in some of the most beautiful places on the continent. Then, at a reasonable hour, you’re back at the cozy lodge, showered and cleaned up in time for a cocktail and a hearty dinner.

And in between, there’s shore lunch.

I have a couple of pike trips planned this summer, one with my 16-year-old son, who might find it a bit challenging to be away from his screens. But I’m betting that, like me, the pike will make him love the wild north.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.