Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Caddis, Caddis, Caddis

Sometimes the bugs that make Mother’s Day famous for fly fishers don’t adhere to the calendar, but it’s generally pretty close. From the Arkansas the Yakima to the Henry’s Fork, the first couple weeks of May typically mean it’s time for caddis flies.

I had an epic caddis day on the Warm River, a tributary to the high-and-stained Henry’s Fork, last week, and I suspect that, with spring runoff under way or just about to start on rivers all over the West, caddis fly fishing is about to peak. The video below is a good caddis primer, but nothing beats actually fishing the hatch.

It can be maddening, however. With the potential for thousands of natural insects to be on the water, it can be tough to make your fly stand out. That said, there are some great patterns out there that will match the hatch and give you the best shot and enjoying this annual rite of fly fishing. Tie some up, or hit your favorite fly shop. It’s on.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.