Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Catching Escaped Atlantic Salmon in Puget Sound

Last week, about 300,000 farm-raised Atlantic salmon escaped from a Cooke Aquaculture net pen near Cypress Island in Puget Sound. The fish are not native to the Pacific and there are a host of really good reasons for anglers to get out there are try to catch as many of these fish as possible, not the least of which is the competition they provide for the already beleagured native populations of Pacific salmon.

In the video above, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife offers anglers some advice for catching these non-native, farm-fed fish in the waters around Cyrpess Island, where the net pain failed during a high-tide event. Pay close attention to the video—it offers a great way to tell Atlantic salmon from native Pacific salmon, like pink, cohos and kings that might be in local waters, too. Also, the video is very clear about the license and take requirements anglers must meet while fishing, even for these non-native invaders.

If you’re close to Puget sound and want to help out, by all means, make the drive and get out there and stick some Atlantic salmon.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.