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Video spotlight: Chalk

The origin of modern-day fly fishing can be likely be traced to the fabled chalk streams of Britain—those clear, cold spring creeks where the art of presenting the upstream dry fly was pioneered. Rivers like the Test come to mind when I think of chalk streams, but the video below gives me a bit of a better perspective, and I think filmmakers Leo Cinicolo, Chris Cooper and their cohorts are on to something: the full, visual immersion into chalk stream function and fishing in the birthplace of the craft we’ve all come to love and value.

“Chalk: The Movie” is still in the Kickstarter stage (which is why we’re sharing it here, frankly). The gang of filmmakers, anglers and conservationists behind it still need a bit of scratch to make this movie, and I hope TU members, readers, volunteers and friends will be able to contribute a bit of money for this film, as it highlights the birthplace of the craft that has given us all so much. What’s more, I’m a bit of a history buff, and the idea of a film focusing on some of the best dry-fly fishing on earth in rivers that flow by public houses older than many nations (ours included), 600-year-old schools, cricket fields and villages that have blossomed and crashed and been reborn on the banks of these storied rivers is simply enthralling.

Give the video a quick watch, and if you have few extra bucks sitting around, consider it a bit of karmic fly-fishing payback. Let’s help these guys get this movie funded.


— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.