Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Costa Rica Jungle Trout Fishing

When I first heard that, some time ago, rainbow trout had been introduced to the high-mountain streams of Costa Rica, I was, to say the least, surprised. But it makes sense. These high-elevation streams are shaded by the jungle canopy and temperatures are pretty mild in the mountains all year long. And, if you squint a little while watching the video below, you might even think it looks a lot like fishing Appalachia for native brook trout.

Jesse Males has put together another sweet little “creek freak” video for your enjoyment, and he’s working the Costa Rican angle for year-round guide services through 506 Outdoors—you, too, can experience jungle fly fishing for wild American trout planted who knows when, by who knows who in the wilds of the highland tropics.

Right now, with summer in full swing here in Idaho, it’s not so appealing. But come January, when the Arctic blasts are settling in … yeah, that’s a flight I’d take.

Check it out.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.