Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Dedication

Count yourself among the luckiest people in the world today, because when everything is right in the fly-fishing world, everything is damn near perfect.

Think back to those epic days. Lots of fish. Trout on top (or bass or pike on poppers … or bonefish coming at you in waves. You get the idea), perfect weather, bugs aplenty. Yeah… even we can mess that up, right? But we stick to it.

The video above is exactly what I’m talking about … our effort to conform to perfection. To get that cast just right. To forgive our own mistakes. To get angry and desperate. To finally connect and experiece … perfection. It can’t happen every time. It just can’t. Oh, but when it does …

Congrats to you, because you’ve done it. And if you haven’t, you will. That’s what dedication is all about.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.