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Video spotlight: Diyak

I love do-it-yourself fishing. The challenge of essentially learning as you go on new water has always appealed to me. That, and, of course, I just can’t afford to shovel $500 across the cab of a pickup to a guide that often.

But there’s DIY. And then there’s the DIY where you’re dropped off on a remote Alaskan river with a tent, a raft and 4,500 pounds of gear and left to your own devices for a week or so. This is not for everyone, as Mikey Wier explains in the video below.

Every year, anglers and hunters disappear into the Alaskan outback and they just don’t come back. A combination of unforgiving, unpredictable elements, bears, gear failures and the simple human tendency to just get lost claim adventuresome souls all the time.

But, damn, it looks like fun, doesn’t it?

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.