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Video spotlight: Dragon Tail Flies

When I saw the video below, one part of me couldn’t help from thinking that Dragon Tail flies might be the coolest thing to happen to fly tying since the Chernobyl. Another part of me was fairly certain that Dragon Tails amount to an acceptible form of “cheating.”

As you’ll see in the video above, the Dragon Tails fly-tying materials are offered by Orvis, perhaps the most reputable fly-fishing retailer and manufacturer in the world. If Orvis is on board, how can it be “cheating?” When you take one look at a Dragon Tail fly as it moves through the water, you’ll get my drift. I was so excited—these would be perfect for big pike, and I have two pike trips coming this summer. But… I also felt a little dirty.

Just a little, mind you.

Then, I kind of checked myself. Fly tying materials have evolved greatly over the years, from incorporation of foam into terrestrial patterns, to the squiggly little rubber tails for streamers. Even the Pistol Pete has a helicopter blade for a nose. Cheating? Most folks have come to accept these adaptations as improvements to flies, not detrimental events that have sullied fly fishing.

What do you think about less-traditional materials for tying flies? Cheating? Or evolution?

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.