Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Epic fails

We’ve all been there. But, thankfully, for must of us, nobody was standing by with a video camera.

And, for those of us who’ve never been caught on camera failing miserably while fishing, we have this to appreciate.

I’ve endured my share, for sure. I took a fly deep in the flesh of my forearm on the Gunnison River one spring day a few years back. Last summer, fighting a pink salmon outside of Haines, I managed to snap a 7-weight in half because I lost my footing and fell backwards into the river, flexing the rod in a direction it simply wasn’t meant to flex. A few years ago, I had to run after my fly line as it cruised into the depths of the Snake River because my backing knot failed as a massive carp just kept taking line. Then there was the fly in my finger thanks a seagull that I nicked with the tip of my rod on backcast.

The list goes on. I’m just glad the cameras weren’t there to capture my own ham-handed angling mistakes. And I’m glad they were on hand for those flubs in the video above.

What’s your favorite fishing blunder?

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.