Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Fly Fish Arkansas

Most of us have heard of the famous tailwaters in Arkansas, where big trout lurk in cold, bottom-release river water. Few of us outside of Arkansas have ever actually fished these storied waters, let alone tangled with their trophy residents. After watching the film below, I think we should.

The ebb and flow of the hydroelectric dams that make the Arkansas trout fisheries go might seem a bit intimidating, but, as you’ll see above, local anglers have figured out how to exploit both conditions. The Woodard Rod Co., which produced the video, is a big believer in the Natural State’s fishery, and it lined up guide after guide to take to the rivers and prove it.

No doubt, the Ozarks and the Ouachita mountains are beautiful, if underappreciated, and the trout rivers that run through them are gems on their own. If you love to fly fish, Arkansas is a destination you might consider, rather than ignore.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.