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Video spotlight: Handling fish responsibly

Handling fish once you’ve caught them has become a touchy issue (pun intended), and rightly so. The #KeepEmWet movement has been great for educating anglers on proper fish handling and release techniques, and now, as you’ll see below, the fly fishing industry is getting involved in the effort to promote responsible handling and release of all fish species

Redington: IN THE LOOP: HANDLING FISH from Redingtongear on Vimeo.


Forgive the corniness of the Redington “news team” video above, and instead, focus on the really good advice when it comes to putting hands on trout. If possible, keep the fish in the water at all times. If you must remove the fish from the water, make sure your hands are wet to avoid rubbing off the fish’s protective mucous layer.

It’s simple, really. Keep the fish wet, keep your hands wet and handle the fish as little as possible.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.