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Video spotlight: Hank Patterson explains TU to newbies

I first met Travis Swartz several years back, when the first “Hank Patterson” videos hit YouTube and became all the range.

The idea of a know-it-all guide misguiding those under his tutelage really struck a cord with the fly fishing community, and Travis’ deadpan portrayal of the “world-famous fly fishing guide and high-school graduate” was a refreshing addition to a sport that can get a little “tweedy” if we’re not careful.

So I interviewed Travis on my old blog, and shortly after that, he developed a relationship with TU’s President and CEO Chris Wood. TU brought Travis aboard for some PSA stuff, and we’ve supported his filmmaking endeavors in the Hank Patterson realm for a few years now.

A year or so ago, Travis did the video above where he explained TU to a couple of new fly fishers. It’s one of my favorites, and the monologue at the end is goose-bump worthy. Seriously. If you haven’t taken time to explore the Hank Patterson video library, you should.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.