Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Hank Patterson reviews nippers

We do occasionally do some product reviews here at TU, both in TROUT Magazine and also here online. It’s a simple process, honestly. Gear manufacturers will send samples to volunteer and staff reviewers, and we’ll test out the gear and then let our readers know what we think.

Do we get “free gear?” Yes, sometimes. It’s a definite bonus that we like to share with our volunteers and staffers who take the time to put the gear to work and come up with thoughtful input on quality, performance and the like.

But the video above is perhaps the best video product review I’ve ever seen. Long-time TU supporter Hank Patterson tackles the reivew of a new set of Orvis nippers. The best feature? That little needle that helps you get the head cement out of hook eyes, of course.

After this, I’m betting Orvis can’t make enough nippers…

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.