Video spotlight

Video spotlight: How to Cast to Rising Trout

Tailing bonefish. A daisy chain of 80-pound tarpon. The reflection of the Caribbean sun off the sythe-shaped tail of a permit. A striper blitz.

And rising trout.

These are the images that raise goose bumps on our arms and up our blood pressure. The are, for lack of a better term, potential. They represent the birds in the bush that we so desperately want to bring to hand. But what’s the best way to do that?

In the video above, Orvis focuses on rising trout and aptly describes a trout’s feeding window, its habits and the potential for actively rising trout to find and then eat your fly. It’s a great little primer, even now, in the dead of winter when a lot of our favorite trout streams still boast a good coating of ice and a blanket of snow. They’ll be open soon enough, and it’s never too soon to start perfecting your technique.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.