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Video spotlight? How to fish dry flies on lakes

First a disclaimer. I’m not a very enthusiastic lake fisherman. I should be, because lake-dwelling trout are generally bigger, burlier and stronger than their river-dwelling brothers and sisters, simply because they don’t have currents to fight and food is situated throughout the water column, from the bottom all the way to the surface.

And that’s what’s Simon Gawesworth of RIO talks about in the video below—chasing trout on lakes using dry flies.

I found this short video incredibly helpful, as Gawesworth discusses everything from line to tippet to flies and then discusses likely lies for top-water feeding trout based on everything from identifying “slicks” and determining wind direction. It’s a thorough primer, and I learned some new things from RIO’s newest “how to” film.

I bet you will, too.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.