Video spotlight

Video spotlight: How to get Your Nymphs into the Strike Zone

The Euro-nymphing technique was late arriving to the States, but it has made full-on landfall, and a lot of nymphers who might have otherwise fished nymphs with indicators are now completely converted to this highly effective technique.

That doesn’t mean they’ve mastered it, though (and I know I sure haven’t). I found the Orvis video above to be super helpful in helping me ensure I was getting my fly to the right depth at the right time—I can see now that, when I first started ditching the indicator, I was likely floating nymphs, even weighted nymphs, over likely trout holding water because I had miscalculated their weight vs. their sink rate.

Jesse Haller, a product developer with Orvis, makes it look easy. And, I suppose, after some practice, it might be. I learned a lot watching this. I bet you will, too.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.