Video spotlight

Video spotlight: How to unravel a pre-packaged leader

We’ve all been there. Our leader has been cut back so many times that even trying to rebuild it with various tippet weights is futile. Or perhaps we’ve managed to achieve that awesome, couldn’t-do-it-again-if-I-tried wind knot that’s pulled so tight near the top of the leader that the only option is to simply start over.

So we pull out a pre-packaged leader from our pack, open it up and proceed to spend 10 minutes unraveling the damn thing because we were simply too impatient to use care, all the while watching trout rise a short 30-foot cast away.

Well, did you know there actually is a right way to do it? Yep. Watch the great little Orvis short above. You’ll be kicking yourself for not taking that little extra step or two to ensure the leader is ready to tie to your fly line. Even better. You’ll be ready to make that cast in just a minute or two.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.