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Video spotlight: How to Wade Fish for Bonefish

My first bonefishing trip several years back was a disaster. I spent a week on the blustery, rainy flats of Long Island in the Bahamas and didn’t catch a single fish.

I know now that my failure was a three-part effort. First, I lacked any flats-fishing experience. Second, the weather and the elements conspired against me. Finally, just bad luck.

Since then, I’ve chased bones again in the Bahamas, and several times along the Riviera Maya in Mexico—every time I go, I get better. Now, I have the experience, which is what I lacked to overcome crappy weather. The luck? That’s pretty much out of our control.

Above, RIO Products’ Simon Gawesworth offers up some great information on how to properly walk and wade for bones on the tropical flats (which is my favorite method, by a long shot). He, too, gets the fact that luck plays into the equation. But he can help you with the “experience” variable by giving you some video “cheat codes” for how to best pursue bones on foot.

Check it out. It’s great stuff.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.