Video spotlight

Video spotlight: Interview with a Brook Trout

Special thanks to Carolyn Thomas, a middle school science teacher at Wildwood Middle School in Shenandoah Junction, WV for today’s video. Her students worked with staff and volunteers at the National Conservation Training Center outside of Shepherdstown, WV, on this project, and they have a long list of conservation partners who work with students throughout the school year, including the local Trout Unlimited chapter in nearby Frederick, Va.

The short film above was one of many film projects produced by her students using NCTC B-roll footage of wildlife from the NCTC. And this isn’t the first time Carolyn’s students have earned some TU attention—several years ago, her classroom’s work was highlighted in TROUT Magazine.

Here’s to teachers like Carolyn, and to her curious students who want to more more about the wild places and the wild critters that roam the woods and waters near their home. Good work!

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.