Video spotlight

Video spotlight: John Ng and the Hawaiian Bonefish

I love good fishing stories. Now, I also understand that most good stories are equal parts fact and fiction, with inches and pounds loosely described and the drama of a situation doubled for our listening pleasure. In other words, I get that great fishing tales are inspired by true stories.

But the tale above, as told by Lost Coast Outfitters’ John Ng (aka, “Johnny Nitro”) is simply captivating. From meeting the bonefish bum on the beach in Hawaii to realizing his seldom-seen backing has crossed over itself to finally getting a big bonefish to hand, it’s all about the enthusiasm.

This guy has a passion for fishing that a lot of us can understand and empathize with. And it is empathy, because it’s this passion that keeps us up unitl all hours, tying flies that might work (but might not) on our next trip to someplace wonderfully new to us. It keeps us jittery, even without morning coffee, on runs to the steelhead river, and it’s what gets us up early, even after long nights, to be the first one to the water to watch the steam rise off the river as the morning sun gives the day its first blessing.

John Ng is a passionate angler. He loves to fish, and even revels in the occasional failure, knowing that he’s just a little closer to success next time. And that’s what it’s all about right? Next time …

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.